Welcome to The Bay!

The Bay is an eclectic live music venue located in Warrensburg, Missouri.
We strive to offer an enthusiastic and encouraging atmosphere to local artists as well as are home to a scene of growing local musicians.
On the weekdays we offer an array of intriguing events and on the weekends we house a broad range of local live music.
It is both our love and passion to provide a venue that is immersed and invites local art and culture.
Aside from entertainment, we have a pizza bar stocked full of your favorite ingredients, as well as a kind and knowledgeable staff willing to accommodate you in your visit.
If you are interested in booking a show with us on Friday or Saturday, please send your inquiries to: playthebay42@gmail.com
If you are interested in participating in our open mic, showcase, open jam, or book a show during the weekday, send your inquiries to: starshollowmedia@gmail.com

We welcome you to come and witness the local talent, and look forward to your visit!